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Syed Sajid Ahmad, Fargo , Published December 28 2012

Letter: Things we can do for our parents

Ten things we can do for our parents:

• A prayer for parents does not cost anything and can do wonders. It can be carried out for them even after one or both parents have passed away.

• Helping a good cause in the name of parents benefits both the child and the parents.

• Ask them how they are doing, how is their health, how are their circumstances. They will feel cared for and loved even though the child is really not presenting anything physical to them. You can ask in person or by phone or through email or through text.

• Ask them if they need any help. Most of the time, the answer will be no, but again it will be a solace to them that you care.

E Share your daily experiences, joys and tribulations with them. It will make them joyous in case of good news. They may give you some good advice in case you are facing a difficulty. They may help you in case you need some help. Parents are very resourceful when it comes to their children.

• Share your work, art, pictures or videos with them. They love the

pictures or videos of their grandchildren.

• Inform them of your successes and accomplishments. Those will bring elation to them.

• Send them a surprise gift now and then. They will be so happy to receive even something quite insignificant.

• Travel and visit them if you live away from them. Spend some time with them if you live with them.

• Forgive them their weaknesses and infirmities and look at what they did for you for so many years though so clumsily or inefficiently or even ineffectively. At least they tried sincerely due to their natural love for you, a love you cannot replace with anything else.