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Maurice Brandt, Fargo, Published December 22 2012

Letter: Mayor should read amendment

The only thing surprising about Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker’s response to the school shooting in Connecticut is it doesn’t contain one of his trademark “and so forth” lines.

Was the slaughter of teachers and children an absolutely awful thing? Of course it was. Is there something that could have been done to prevent it? Maybe. More likely, there are several things that might have been done to prevent it, but the one thing least likely to prevent this or any other mass shooting is to run out and immediately pass one more gun law.

Walaker and others of his stripe never seem to comprehend one very simple fact and that is, criminals don’t obey the law. That is what makes them criminals. Why, oh why is this so hard to understand? You can pass all the laws pertaining to anything you want, but, I repeat, criminals don’t obey the law.

Another thing about Walaker’s remarks:

I just re-read the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. There is no mention or even veiled reference therein to “hunting and things like that and for bringing food to the table,” as Walaker claims. I find it embarrassing that our mayor has no clue about this important part of our Constitution, or, at the very least, allows his liberal beliefs to cause his eyesight to dim when reading one of our founding documents.

There used to be a copy of the Constitution hanging on the wall in Fargo’s City Hall. If there still is, maybe a city worker who knows where it is can point the mayor in that direction, watch as Walaker reads it and then explain to the rest of us how the mayor gets it so wrong?