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Hannah D. Johnson, Fargo, Published December 22 2012

Letter: MAT bus driver’s idiocy unwanted

This new anti-smoking ban has got the smokers in an uproar.

I was riding the MAT bus and in my very short ride home, I had to listen to our bus driver complain and complain about how she can’t smoke cigarettes anywhere she wants. She went off about how she believes that cigarettes are in fact not bad for people.

She argued with passengers, stirring up emotion on the bus, and said how she should be allowed to smoke wherever because there’s nothing wrong with secondhand smoke or even if you smoke when you’re pregnant.

This woman was to provide our safe drive, not a headache of immature complaining. When young children are present, let’s pray their bus drivers don’t promote smoking and other harmful activities.

I don’t care to hear my bus driver complain all the way through town and argue such a ridiculous point. It makes me not want to take the bus.

It’s not only rude to force such an argument on what I was told is a quiet, comfortable, affordable ride, it’s also concerning to me, as I wonder where the safety of the passengers went while focus was on trying to convince me that inhaling cigarette (or any) smoke is not bad. That’s absurd, and if you really don’t know that, then you shouldn’t be driving a bus; you should be relearning your basics like a child.

MAT bus is a city bus, and the city looks dumb hiring people who at 40 years old have no self-control to the point of nonstop rebuttal of common sense. The health risks to smoking are many; the health benefits none.

Come on people, we are not that dumb, are we?