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Donna Gibb, Fargo, Published December 21 2012

Letter: ND smoking ban not thought out

Did anyone really think about the smoking ban before they voted to put this into place? Where I work, the smoking area was down at the north end of the building where no one walked past – just the smokers were in our cage. Now that’s closed because part of the cage is within 20 feet of a nonpublic door, so everyone’s smoking 20 feet from the main entrance.

I assume that I don’t work at the only place in North Dakota that has the same issue. When we smoked in the designated smoker area before, there wasn’t an issue. Now that we can’t smoke there anymore, there is an issue. We have to stay 20 feet away from the entrance, so now that we don’t have access to the smokers’ cage, people are walking through the smoke, and there are butts everywhere. So stupid to vote for something that’s so ridiculous and has so little effect on your life.

Has anyone ever really gotten lung cancer from walking past a smoking area of someone’s workplace? Most likely not. I can understand keeping the smoking outside of a building, but seriously? Banning smoking outside? Come on, it’s so stupid.

Don’t breathe when there’s exhaust coming out of the vehicle next to you, don’t breathe when the sugar plant is putting out all sorts of odor, don’t breathe when the landfill on 45th is hot, and don’t breathe driving way up north on Broadway by the Elks where the sewage smell is rampant.