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Jason Quaife, Moorhead, Published December 19 2012

Letter: Loss of our basic values a cause of gun violence

Another horrific school massacre will dominate the news until some other gruesome event draws the media’s attention away. This time, it wasn’t at a college or even a high school but an elementary school, where the most innocent souls of our society gather.

Many in the entertainment industry, media and several politicians are calling for new gun control laws, which they will claim would have saved these children and teachers. The most radical of these are now calling for gun owners and NRA supporters to be shot. John Cobarruvias@BayArea

Houston used his twitter account to ask, “Can we now shoot the NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Entertainers who work in an industry that rakes in billions of dollars peddling drugs and violence as normal think new laws will prevent these tragedies. The media will bring fame to the Newtown, Conn., murderer, just as they did at Virginia Tech and Columbine. These killers’ names are known in almost every American household. Some other wacko would-be killer is watching all the hype right now.

The same politicians who thought it was a good idea to give Mexican drug cartels weapons that were then used against our own border patrol will draft new laws to prevent you and I from owning a weapon but will do nothing to prevent some psychotic killer who cares nothing about laws from getting a gun and repeating this same scenario at another school, mall or movie theater.

Of course the politicians will tell you they have the answer (they don’t) and our best interest at heart (not really). No matter what they do, it will happen again.

As a society, we have compromised our basic humanity – 1.3 million abortions every year in the U.S. are met with silence from the media, politicians and entertainers. We forbid our children from praying or speaking of God in school, but it’s fine to pass out condoms and Ritalin.

Our country was founded with divine intervention and became a light of freedom in a dark world. Not anymore. We have turned away from God and become the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. We are inundated with messages from every source that it’s OK to succumb to your feelings and desires; there will be no consequences.

The solution to these events and many of our country’s problems won’t be quick and cannot be legislated. It has to be done at the core of our society – the people who live in our cities, towns and farms hold the key.

We have to place value on the basic family unit, get involved with our community and churches. We have to celebrate and value every human life even those who don’t meet the expectation of what is “normal.” This won’t stop evil, but it’ll make it easier to fight.

After 9/11, the discussion wasn’t to ban air travel or outlaw box cutters. We came up with a plan to defend our aircraft and the innocent lives aboard. So far, it has worked. It is time to do the same thing with our schools. Put a National Guard soldier armed with an M4 in every school in America, and evil will go elsewhere. Only two people have offered to die for you: Jesus and the American soldier.