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Dave Olson, Published December 17 2012

Area readers give views on gun control via Forum's Facebook page

A lot of people were commenting Monday on The Forum’s Facebook page on whether Friday’s shooting at a school in Newtown, Conn., gives weight to arguments the United States should pass stiffer gun controls.

Here’s what some of them wrote:

“Last time I checked, it’s already illegal to steal, murder, and assault. We can’t make those activities any more illegal.

“Additionally, gun control is a bit of an oxymoron. Look at California, New York City or Chicago, places with arguably the strictest gun control laws in place, yet they have among the highest rates of gun related crime.

“Gun control isn’t the answer here, America is facing serious social issues and a crime problem. Instead of blaming the items used in the commission of this horrific act, let us find reasons why these individuals set out to act with such evil intent. No amount of laws will prevent people who are committed to act with evil intent.”

– Sean Skallerud

“How come the U.S. media has blatantly ignored the fact that 20 children were stabbed on the same exact day outside an elementary school in China?

“Only some kids matter? I see two horrific tragedies, but I see the people being played here.

“My thoughts and prayers to those children and families in Sandy Hook, Conn. and in Chengping, China. (In) both cases, children were injured and/or killed … including adults. Very sad.”

– Douglas Roehrig

“I think it is way too soon to be pushing this subject. National media outlets are asking the parents of the slain children if they are for or against gun control, which is completely insensitive. We need to re-examine these laws to make sure that mentally ill people are not allowed to buy weapons.

“However, we need to be united more than ever during this crisis and starting up a gun debate now is not the answer. Let’s give the families some time and let’s see what the investigation reveals before we make any rash decisions.”

– April Baumgarten