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David Peterson, Verona, N.D., Published December 15 2012

Letter: Longing for days of Reagan, JFK

The election is over; our republic has spoken. President Barack Obama is re-elected, and the Republicans control the House. So true statesmen try to come to an agreement of what each side wants – higher taxes for the wealthy and entitlement reform or cutting other expenses.

Whenever the question arises about entitlement reform, the far left has a tough time coming to terms with it and just liking the status quo. Last week, the president was campaigning again, pushing for his agenda. Please, Mr. President, can’t you stay in town and resolve this issue with Congress? We have more than a $16 trillion debt and high unemployment. So he sends Timothy Geithner to Congress, who proposed that the president wants authority to raise the debt ceiling. We should all refresh by reading our Constitution.

The Republicans of Congress are willing to bring in more revenue but also want entitlement reform. How else will we even start to get control of this huge debt? I also have questions of our national security – specifically, Benghazi. Four Americans required more security. Why didn’t they get it? When several senators asked Susan Rice serious questions about it and were confounded by her answers, some on MSNBC ranted racism. How is this country going to come together with a press from that network?

I am just longing for the days of presidents like Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. I still think there is a glimmer of hope.