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Austin Culp, Battle Lake, Minn., Published December 14 2012

Letter: Being played like a fiddle by Obama’s budget blather

President Barack Obama and most Democrats want to go over the fiscal cliff. The reason for this is clear. Democrats and a lot of Republicans want to continue their profligate spending. They understand that the little they can get from the evil 2 percent is only a drop in the bucket. In other words, they want everyone’s money. What a surprise.

Most people who favor higher taxes aren’t hoping to help themselves as much as they are hoping to punish their neighbor. You can clothe it in morality, Christianity or anything else, but that’s what it boils down to.

The pitiful part is that higher taxes on a few will certainly translate to a lower standard of living for everyone. The only people who won’t be affected are the ultra-rich; most of whom are big Obama backers.

Wake up and smell the coffee. If you believe Obama’s blather, you’re being played like a fiddle. You’re dancing to the tune of greed, jealousy and lies. Lies that would be transparent to most people if it weren’t for a lying, conniving and propagandizing news media.

If we actually want our economy to get on the road to prosperity, the answer is simple: Congress should enact a single-tier flat tax with a very low rate and no deductions whatsoever. This tax should start at dollar one and go to dollar quazillion. Every form of income should be taxed at that rate. In fact, even welfare should be taxed. Why should someone on welfare end up with more disposable income than someone who works for a living?

Another thing we should do is slash regulations – federal, state and local. Everyone wants to be a dictator by regulating and pushing others around. It’s almost as bad at the local level as it is at the federal level.

Lastly, Congress “should not raise the debt ceiling.” If Obama is the great leader many think he is, he will work with Congress to reduce and prioritize spending.

If these things were to be done, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke could stop printing money and start trying to slow down the economy. Prosperity would be ours, at least until the politicians start messing with things again.