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David Parsons, Andover, Minn. , Published December 14 2012

Letter: No reason to hunt God’s great dog

In response to the article about the trapping and killing of the 95-pound wolf near Perham, Minn:

I find the use of leg hold traps to be reprehensible and inhumane. As a hunter, I believe the animal should be given a sporting chance, and upon taking the life of an animal, it should be done quickly and with minimal pain and suffering.

Furthermore, I find it disgusting that the state has reverted to a process of annihilating our top predator in the name of management. The timberwolf keeps our deer herds’ gene pool strong by culling the weak and sick. They also help to keep the rodent populations in check. They kill to survive, not for ego, sport or trophy. They do their part to fulfill the order of the natural world. I, for one, would choose not to kill such an honorable hunter.

God’s dog, the father of all dogs – let them be, let them be free.