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Ross Nelson, Casselton, N.D., Published December 13 2012

Letter: Majority voters not always right

Evidently, Chelsey Matter (Forum, Dec. 9) believes that anything voters pass must be good. As chairwoman of Smoke-Free North Dakota, she exults that a majority of voters supported her organization’s view that consenting adults can’t smoke on private property.

If she really believes a majority makes right, I wonder what she’d think if North Dakotans voted to levy heavy taxes on meddling people and organizations.

And here’s news for the anti-smoking brigades: No one’s disagreeing with you about tobacco’s health effects. The question at hand is whether anyone has the right to force others for their own good to stop smoking or overeating or drinking or having gay sex. Obesity alone makes smoking look like small potatoes in health costs, if that’s the overriding concern. How will you stop the food police when you’ve already conceded any possible defense of your freedom elsewhere?

If we’re going to be coerced by busybody nannies, at least they could do us the favor of making a coherent argument instead of patronizing us with pabulum about majority tyranny.