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Bruce Hingst, Fargo , Published December 12 2012

Letter: Country to plunge into a fiscal abyss?

In recent weeks, we have all been overinformed of the perilous plunge into the fiscal abyss. As if this overwhelming debt was a deeply kept secret from the American public. This debt has been accumulating for many decades with Republicans and Democrats in control of the wheelhouse steering this ship into the jagged rocks of bankruptcy.

As much as we would like to blame politicians for financial chaos, look a little closer to home ... like your own voting record. When people continue to vote for incumbent officials who believe in tax-and-spend policies, how can you expect any different results than their past voting record? This pertains to city, state and federal elections.

Taxation of wealthier Americans is a vital component to reducing our debt but not near as essential as the reduction in spending. A complete overhaul of current tax code is imperative. Public union pensions are spiraling counties and cities into bankruptcy across America. Irrelevant programs and agencies created to fill positions for government workers with bloated egos and false authoritarian rules, used to intimidate and frighten people into compliance are now considered normal.

Radical stance? What was your last experience dealing with a city, state or federal official? Whether it be a building inspector, taxation board, motor vehicle department, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workmen’s comp, etc:

Reduction of government employees and privatization on all levels from local to federal positions is no longer an option but a necessity. This country will plunge off this cliff gaining speed as it plummets toward bankruptcy, but as of now we still have a chance to pull the ripcord.