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Nathan Aswege, West Fargo, Published December 08 2012

Letter: Our privacy is under attack

Online privacy is at stake. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides for freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. This should include all areas of legal U.S. citizens’ lives, including the Internet that we all so dearly cling to. However, new proposals put forth by our Congress are, if signed into law, going to allow the authorities to intrude on any and all Internet history, even computer keystrokes as they are being typed, without any form of a warrant or even notification of the spying that is happening.

Think about it. You make an online purchase and Big Brother feels the item is not something a “normal” person would buy. He puts your name on a lengthy list of people to be closely monitored, and suddenly your every move is being watched. Eventually he feels you, the average citizen, are a threat to society, so he comes to your house with a proper search warrant as per the Fourth Amendment. After finding a knife in your kitchen with a blade longer than 5 inches, surely made illegal by this point, he sends you to jail for five years.

This situation may be a little extreme, but do you want to have your phone and computer constantly monitored? Odds are good your entire life is on file on one or both devices, and much of the information is that which you would want nobody to know.

The government that is currently breaking its own rules must be stopped.