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John Fouberg, Fargo, Published December 08 2012

Letter: A little common courtesy in order

I am a college student in town. I have adjusted to the rules of the road in Fargo, but today (Nov. 13) I almost got into an accident. Cars turning right onto the Interstate 29 path to Grand Forks can also take a right onto 36th Street South and there are no stop signs, so everyone must yield to these cars. I work at the Perkins in Fargo, so I am absolutely sure of this. I have worked there for three years, and nothing has changed.

Today a woman in a silver SUV almost hit me. Granted I was not paying attention as closely as I should have, but, by the grace of God, we did not collide. We proceeded to both go into Perkins. I like to be polite, so I did not say anything and walked in to do my business. The woman yelled at me and said that I cut her off. She later proceeded to yell at me in my place of work. I told her that there was a yield sign, but she did not listen and insisted that there is a stop sign for people turning right onto 36th Street South. I told her to have a nice day and walked out. She ignored me.

I waited in my car to show her that there is no stop sign, because I am concerned for her safety and that of others if she does not know the rules of the road in her own town. She proceeded to flip me off. I believe that I am 10 years her junior, and I was appalled at her behavior. It was worse than that of the drunken people whom I have dealt with in the past at Perkins during bar closings.

I am going to pray for her and remind myself that Jesus loves her, but I may need some more convincing. Fargo should embrace its college population, not run them over with their SUVs.