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Herman Winkels, Fargo, Published December 07 2012

Letter: Gangs of thieves running country

I would like to set the record straight. Lenny Tweeden in his letter published Nov. 28 in The Forum implies that I am against quality health care for every citizen.

I am for every citizen to have access to quality health care, but legally. Veterans’ benefits were established legally and constitutionally. Obamacare was not.

The United States was organized by the Founding Fathers as a democratic republic. The Constitution outlines the powers and authorities of the president, Congress and judiciary branches, with all other rights reserved to the citizens and individual states.

The authority to nationalize personal health care and to mandate that a citizen buy a particular product or service was left up to us, we the people.

Obama and his cohorts stole that authority from us; we did not voluntarily give the authority to them.

The Constitution clearly states that Congress only has the right to draft and pass laws. The Supreme Court should have declared Obamacare unconstitutional on the grounds of the mandate that every citizen buy health insurance. Instead they changed the word “penalty” to read “tax” and struck out the clauses that would withhold reimbursement to the states for the Medicaid programs, thus rewriting the law. So, they are thieves also.

We citizens should not stand by and do nothing and let this “gang of thieves” get by with their thievery. We should prosecute these thieves as we would any other thief in our society.