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Maris Stella Korb, Fargo, Published December 04 2012

Letter: Cramer’s ‘gift’ from God seems quite selective

Congressman-elect Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., believes it’s a moral responsibility to produce domestic coal, oil and natural gas, and that it’s immoral not to do so. “God put it there for us,” he said.

God gifted us with all of creation, both above and below ground, and I believe we have the responsibility to care for all of it, human and non-human. Water and soil as well as the very air we breathe are gifts that depend on us, and we upon them. Opposing regulation of greenhouse gases, as Cramer recommends, is failing to be accountable for our status as caretakers of one another and of the planet. Greenhouse gases pose a serious threat to the environment, people’s health and to our entire future.

Cramer is also determined to stall the advancement of clean energy by not allowing tax credits for wind development and believing subsidies for such should expire. Is not the wind also a gift from God?