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Joe Hendrickx, Fargo , Published December 03 2012

Letter: Catholic teachings can’t be ignored

In response to the article “Teen denied confirmation after Facebook post” from Nov. 15, 2012:

For the most part, the only point in which the article made sense was the opening line, “If you want to be a Catholic, you have to be 100 percent Catholic.” No surprise there.

To be a Catholic in good standing you have to uphold the precepts of the Church. The boy’s mother, Shana Cihak, said “You kind of know the Catholic beliefs, but I never thought they would deny somebody confirmation because you weren’t 100 percent.” “Kind of” are the key words here; you clearly don’t understand the Catholic beliefs.

This may not be your fault, though; the church has had poor catechesis for decades. I grew up in the St. Cloud Diocese, and I’ve experienced this also. Hopefully that will spark a new generation that is eager to teach the faith to others, and we can reverse the problem.

Shana Cihak also said she didn’t plan on going to church ever again. That is, well, just pathetic. If you hear something contradicting your beliefs, find out why, don’t just take the lazy way out and leave. I promise you there is reason for every one of the church’s teachings.

Finally, Lennon Cihak said, “You should be able to go to a church for support, help.” The Catholic Church welcomes everyone, but it actually cares about you and about your soul, that’s why it’s so “strict” in teaching.