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Marlene Boyer, Carrington, N.D., Published December 01 2012

Letter: Church must teach the truth

A website called Catholic Memes has a humorous catchphrase that makes many practicing Catholics smile: “So, bro, are you in the club or what?” It’s the perfect question for Lennon Cihak and his family. You see, Lennon, it doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 or a million like-hits on Facebook, it will not make it right. A wise priest, Father Wilfred G. Hurley, put it this way: “You know that when two statements or teachings flatly contradict each other in the same way, at the same time, one of them is wrong. If one is true, then the other must be false.”

And so it is with marriage. Either the Bible and tradition has it right or the new “Hookup Culture” has it right. You cannot have two truths.

There are numerous Christian bodies in existence today that not only teach different doctrines but they absolutely contradict each other in essential beliefs. The Catholic Church must obey. Our bishops and priests were given the commandment from Jesus and his apostles to teach truth. No alternative option was given them when they took their vows.

Much like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, our priests and bishops will refer to homosexuals as “friends of Jesus,” and will love the sinner but hate the sin. When the sin is not acknowledged, then the message returns, “So, bro, are you in the club or what?”

This sexual freedom that you embrace, Lennon, has consequences. One of Bob Dylan’s lines runs like this: “Freedom, just around the corner from you, but with truth so far off, what good would it do?”

Thank you, Father Gary LaMoine and Bishop Hoepp-ner, for shepherding us through another attack on Holy Mother Church.