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Brian Price, Detroit Lakes, Minn., Published November 30 2012

Letter: 5 church tenets non-negotiable

The first line says it all. “If you want to be Catholic, you must be in 100 percent.” Why is this so difficult to understand?

The article states that the bishop was not available for comment; well that is because he has no need to comment. Any Catholic who understands the faith should be able to explain the reasons this child is being denied the sacrament of confirmation. I say good job, Father Gary LaMoine.

Here we have a priest who is doing his work properly. The priest is not the messenger; he is speaking the truth in place of Jesus himself. It is called “persona Christi.”

Gay “so-called” marriage is one of the five non-negotiables in the church. This means that the church is not going to form around what the people think is right, but will stand firm for what the church knows the people need.

The other four non-negotiables are as follows.

I cannot express enough that all Catholics need to learn this. I will include that it is just this kind of teaching that is misunderstood, and the reason the “marriage amendment” was voted down. If all Catholics voted the way the Catholic Church teaches, President Barack Obama would not be in the highest office in this nation; in fact he would not have made it to the Senate, and we would not even know this guy.

There is plenty resting on the shoulders of the Catholics of today. Yes, be in 100 percent, or get out.