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Published November 28 2012

'Fargo after nightfall' | A photographic look at downtown in the evening

In a way, it seems strange to take photographs at night.

At its core, a camera really has one job: to record light. So if a particular scene lacks light, why would you be aiming a light recorder at it?

But, of course, even sans direct sunlight, there is light outdoors: moon, stars, street lights, storefronts, reflections off of wet surfaces, car lights on the road, etc. And at night, these illuminations play beautifully against the blacks and rich browns of the night. Slower shutter speeds allow for the blurring of motion and the trailing of lights. It’s a beautiful world that unfolds for the photographer after the sun sets.

Here, I offer a look at downtown Fargo in the evening. I took these photos over the course of several outings this year.

Visit the Downtown Fargo evening photo gallery

Feel free to submit your own evening photos for us to share on the Web or in print by emailing web@forumcomm.com.