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Terry Olson, Fargo, Published November 26 2012

Letter: Absurd letter lacks punchline

I read the letter in the Nov. 15 Forum from Kay Syvrud complaining about The Forum’s printing letters to the editor by “favorite liberals.” According to her logic, printing letters to the editor by Democrats cost the tea partiers elective offices.

Interestingly, during the campaign, I had sent a letter or two to the editor pointing out that The Forum editorial staff printed nothing but pro-tea party/Republican editorials and articles. I also read the letters to the editor daily and would disagree with Syvrud’s statistics.

The Forum started out early on pointing out things such as Heidi Heitkamp’s supposed dirty campaign commercials against Rick Berg. How would The Forum classify Berg’s commercials?

I wrote a letter on that one suggesting that The Forum check with and interview a few dozen ex-renters from Berg’s property company. No publishing of that one. The Forum gave their stamp of approval to Romney/Ryan and Berg early on, endorsing GOP candidates only. I suggested in another letter that perhaps The Forum was looking for a care package from Rupert Murdoch and/or tea party PAC monies. So, I have read Syvrud’s letter a few more times – still no punch line. The language of the letter, along with one by Fuller Sheldon, both in the Nov. 15 issue, ring of the prevalence of the tea party’s complaining and finger-pointing at all of the reasons and ways the liberals cheated Romney/Ryan and Berg out of their elected offices.

The Forum is anything but supportive of Democratic Party candidates and ideas. The only thing resembling a punch line is the inanities of the tea party’s blame squads, and their language is not funny.

And, by the way, congratulations to President Barack Obama and Sen.-elect Heidi Heitkamp. The people have spoken.