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Alfred Seltz, Fergus Falls, Minn., Published November 24 2012

Letter: Socialism leads to dictatorship

Hitler absolutely did not evolve from Germany’s right wing. He was left wing through and through until he discovered how much fun it was having dictatorial powers. Encyclopedia Americana’s 1945 edition has to say under Hitler, Adolph:

“… He returned to Munich and soon became the leader of the National Socialist German Labor Party. On Jan. 30, 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich. New elections were set for March 5, 1933 and Hitler’s policies received a popular mandate. Immediately thereafter, measure after measure was decreed which virtually scrapped the Weimar Republican Constitution and replaced it with a Hitler dictatorship.”

That political evolutionary pattern – socialist to dictatorship – is not unique to Germany of the 1920s and ’30s. We don’t hear of it much right now because Muslim terrorists are a much greater concern. But be advised, socialist countries are still being taken over by dictators.