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Jean M. Davies Schmith, Fargo, Published November 24 2012

Letter: Contraceptives issue ignored

In regard to the article about the Barnesville teen supporting gay marriage on Facebook and being denied confirmation because of it:

What on earth is this absolutely foolish parish priest thinking – denying Lennon Cihak confirmation because Cihak stated on Facebook that he believes gays should be allowed to marry?

Has the Rev. Gary LaMoine refused communion to all those women in his parish who use birth control?

The official teaching of the Catholic Church is that artificial contraception is immoral. It is mortally sinful. The church is not joking around here; copulation is serious business. What is LaMoine doing about monitoring this in his parish?

Perhaps he should be making all female parishioners sign pledges that they do not practice any form of birth control that is not “natural.” I think they should be compelled to make their positions known (to use a phrase) on Facebook.

Hidden cameras might be helpful – discreetly placed, of course. But let me guess – LaMoine will leave that topic alone because to insist that women abide by the church’s stated policy on birth control would mean excommunicating most of his female parishioners – and their partners who are complicit with them.

Talk about a cafeteria-Catholic priest. The least LaMoine should be demanding is that partners tell on one another – (to ensure that everyone’s conduct is holy enough to warrant their presence within the Catholic Church).

Intelligent Catholics from North Dakota and Minnesota must be woefully embarrassed by their bishops lately. Perhaps they should vote with their pocketbooks; that is something Catholic bishops would understand.