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Herman Winkels, Fargo, Published November 24 2012

Letter: Not pleased with Congress or Obamacare

I served honorably in the U.S. Army in the Pacific during World War II and was proud to do my part to prevent the war-mongering Japanese from invading the United States. However, on Nov. 7, when I heard the election results, my heart sank.

It seems that a gullible majority of voters overlooked the outrageous actions of President Barack Obama and Congress when they passed Obamacare. The voters elected Obama and a majority of his Congress cohorts to another term in office. So now, we are going to be governed by a “gang of thieves.”

I call them thieves because they do not have the authority to nationalize health care nor to mandate any citizen to buy a particular product or service. That authority was reserved to the citizens by the Constitution. They should have held a referendum of the citizens, and if they approved, they then would have to acquire a majority approval from the 50 states. They didn’t do that. They just stole the authority, thereby becoming thieves.

Yes, Congress has the authority to tax and regulate commerce, but that doesn’t give it the authority to nationalize any private enterprise. Just because companies in the business of selling health insurance policies could be classified as commerce, it doesn’t spill over that our personal health care is commerce. You can’t sell shares of your personal health care on the stock market, and in the open market there are no buyers for your personal health care.

The Supreme Court justices became co-conspirators in the scam to deceive the American citizen because they stole the authority to re-write laws from Congress. The Constitution clearly states that only Congress has the right to draft and pass laws. Therefore the justices should have ruled Obamacare unconstitutional and sent it back to Congress for re-drafting instead of rewriting it by changing the word “penalty” to read “taxes,” and striking out the clauses referring to the withholding of Medicaid payments to the states that didn’t comply with Obamacare. So the justices are now guilty of stealing an authority they didn’t possess.

Obama, the members of Congress and the Supreme Court justices should be held accountable for their actions. A bank robber or other thieves are hauled into court and found guilty, fined, relieved of office, and jailed. This “gang of thieves” deserves the same treatment.