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Tom J. Tracy, Jamestown, N.D., Published November 22 2012

Letter: Despite vote, God still controls

The recent election was a tough deal for many Christians. Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye: abortion paid for with U.S. taxes, same-sex marriages and rampant immorality in all areas of our culture … and voted to maintain the status quo. Not to mention, runaway, out-of-control deficit spending with no end in sight. “No problem, just keep the bennies coming and you will get my vote.”

Basically, the great values on which America was founded were called outdated and scoffed at by half the voting electorate.

So now what? Real Christian values do not need to depend on a survey or an election. They do not change and will live forever. God is still in control.

But the choices people make have consequences. At the end of the day, pendulums have a way of swinging from right to left and back again. We will no doubt feel the consequences of this election. More of the unborn will die. The institution of marriage will come under greater attack, and immorality as defined by the Bible will be exalted even more.

But still, God is in control. God has reversed things in the past and, if those who follow him are up to the task to do their part, he can and will do it again.