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Christine E. Baltezore, West Fargo, Published November 17 2012

Letter: Was there ever a bigger whiner?

"I’m sorry ma’am, but we do not have any French dressing.”

As a high school student just looking to earn some money for college, I have a great job. However, working in customer service, sometimes you’ve got to put up with a lot.

I was standing behind the counter ringing up an order when I said we don’t serve French dressing, and it was then that I wished everyone had a taste of the life of a customer service employee. People can be mean and outright rude when they don’t receive what they want. As a cashier, if someone doesn’t like something, I hear about it and boy did I hear about the French dressing.

This lady was not happy. She rolled her eyes and asked, “What kind of people serve salads but no dressing?”

I told her all the 12 types of dressings we serve with our salad. Still this lady was unhappy, she whined and fussed to her husband almost in tears telling him that there was no French dressing and she wanted to leave, so he apologized and they left.

In all my 18 years, I have never seen an adult act so much like a child, because she didn’t get what she wanted. Putting up with that kind of customer is hard and when an order is canceled, managers aren’t too thrilled because they think it’s my fault we’ve resulted in a loss of profit. In this type of employment, “the customer is always right,” even if the customer wants French dressing.

People need to understand that even though I work behind a counter and ring up your food doesn’t mean I can make everything to your exact liking. I don’t make the food. So next time you want French dressing with your salad, please feel free to bring a bottle of your own or run across the parking lot to Wal-Mart and buy one.