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Bill Mangin, Jamestown, N.D., Published November 17 2012

Letter: Climate change talk is arrogant

In The Forum’s opinion page on Tuesday, Nov. 13, a professor of geography from New York is sure that global warming is human-induced. I would ask him what caused the glaciers that covered most of the area where we live in North Dakota to melt thousands of years ago? It sure wasn’t human-induced then, and perhaps it is not human-induced right now.

I think it is very arrogant for mere mankind to think they have the power to change the climate at this time.

We are all aware of the volcanoes that erupt beneath the ocean can actually warm the ocean water far more than any actions mere man can by his small efforts.

I believe the Creator of the entire universe, who also made Earth and all the other planets and who also made us mere mankind, has far more power to control climate than us poor mortal beings.