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Robert Stanger, Hillsboro, N.D., Published November 16 2012

Letters: High standards but mistakes, too

So, Detective Bret Witte was disciplined by his agency for violation of a policy. He was not charged for insulting or ridiculing a member of the community. He didn’t post some racist or obscene comment or photograph. He was not accused of excessive force. He posted a picture of money on his Facebook page in violation of department policy.

The incident with the female happened 10 years ago. Witte received harsh discipline then. Eight years later, he had equipment stolen from his vehicle. I assure you, he is not the first police officer to have equipment stolen, even at the Fargo Police Department.

However, to continue to dredge up those incidents when there is, at best, a tenuous relationship between them and the most recent charge only serves to hurt a family that doesn’t deserve it and an officer who paid dearly for a terrible decision.

I have known Witte since he joined the Fargo police. I have worked many incidents with him and valued his professionalism.

I know that there will be people who will be indignant about this latest incident and once again demand his job. As a recently retired Fargo police officer, I will tell you that the officers and staff at the Fargo Police Department, including Detective Witte, are proud of their department and are held, and hold themselves, to high standards. That said, they make mistakes, too.