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Mark Waltz, Hickson, N.D., Published November 15 2012

Letter: An out-of-control drunken driver

I cannot believe Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker and the city of Fargo are still proceeding with the Fargo dam/diversion. For those of us living south of the Fargo dam, our lives and futures have been put on hold, and we have no say or control – not by us but by people in another city who we thought were our neighbors.

One day, your life is great and proceeding along fine with a beautiful place to live, great neighbors, a new school being built, and the next day it all ends. It’s like you kissed your son/daughter/wife/husband goodbye in the morning and they were killed that afternoon by a drunken driver. Everything you dreamed about, wanted in your life, planned for the future is gone. Stolen from you without your permission, and to make it worse, you have to pay them taxes to steal and destroy your life.

When somebody dies due to a drunken driver, in a war or by cancer, we feel bad for the family and relatives. That drunken driver made horrible decisions that led to the death. Walaker, the city of Fargo and Cass County are a huge drunken driver that is driving out of control and destroying thousands of lives, cities, farmland, schools and churches. Yes, our dead will not even be safe in the graveyards under 9 to 10 feet of water.

Does anyone feel bad or sad for the people eliminated south of the Fargo dam? You should. There are other options. Build the diversion without the Fargo dam and incorporate retention and other strategies.

The people in Hickson, Oxbow, Bakke Addition and all the areas affected by the Fargo dam do not want your sympathy. Like a grieving family after a death, they just want their lost loved one back; we want our homes, lives and future back.

Waltz lives in the Bakke Addition.