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Mark Bratlie, Fargo, Published November 14 2012

Letter: Thomas would insult 47 percent

In his Nov. 9 opinion column, Cal Thomas anoints himself as spokesman for our country’s “greatest generation” – which, of course, is the one that includes Thomas.

He also proclaims that more recent Americans are suffering from “moral fallout,” which has brought about the re-election of President Barack Obama and which will result in “four more years of decline.”

I’m thinking that if Thomas were to run for office, he would not be very successful. He would not do well with regard to the poor, the middle class, young people, baby boomers, women, minorities, recent immigrants and pretty much everyone who does not have a lifestyle that matches “the greatest generation.” Most likely he would insult at least 47 percent of the population.

Hmmm, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?