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John Wheeler, WDAY, Published November 10 2012

Weather Talk: Politics usually dominate climate change discussion

Perhaps in the relative calm of the post-election, it will be slightly more possible to have a nonpolitical discussion about climate change.

Usually, politics dominate these conversations. For most people, opinion regarding global warming is directly related to political affiliation. But the nearly 50-50 split in the national presidential vote begs a deeper examination. It is unlikely that half the people are entirely right while the other half are entirely wrong on a topic that few people have the knowledge to understand.

Climate change is a very complex set of dynamics. Within the scientific community, ongoing research continues to sort through these complexities and gain perspective, but the process is slow. There is plenty of disagreement about the details, but if there is a scientific consensus, it is this: The world is generally warming. Some of this change is natural. Some of it is due to humans. And the future of our climate will likely be somewhere in between the propaganda being purported by the opposing political sides of this debate.

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