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Mark Stensland, Moorhead, Published November 10 2012

Letter: Executions have little effect

Here’s to the people who think the death penalty is OK:

On Oct. 15 at 10:45, Eric Roberts was put to death in South Dakota for killing Ronald “R.J.” Johnson during a failed escape attempt in 2011. By doing this, state and federal governments indicated that Johnson deserved it, or in “layman terms,” two rights don’t make a wrong.

It used to be that for any heinous crimes, the killer spent the rest of his life behind bars, but not in South Dakota. Which brings us to the Don Moeller execution at age 60 after 23 years behind bars for Becky O’Connell’s death.

Tina Curl, Becky’s mother, thought justice was served for Moeller. She said, “He watched my daughter take her last breath, I want to watch him take his last breath.” This type of sentence should be turned around. Revenge never prevails.

We of all faiths should be focused on the term “eye for an eye.” What is the value if you murder someone? Bible teaching says we are supposed to cut off our hand or if necessary our arm. Best to lose one than not enter the kingdom of God. Same if the eye sins; pluck it out.

Maybe South Dakota should practice this in the penitentiary or meaningless death chamber. And for the people who use sodium pentothal, they should go back to the 1880s and be stoned.