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Anna G. Larson, Published November 08 2012

5 Things Friday: Five ways to make your Thanksgiving table good as gold

Editor’s note: “5 Things Friday” is a weekly feature in SheSays that will run on – you guessed it – Fridays. It will focus on quick tips, ideas, activities and more – all in bunches of five. If you have a “5 Things Friday” suggestion, contact us at shesays@forumcomm.com.

FARGO – The holiday season puts me in the mood for things that glisten, like sun hitting snow, bubbly champagne, shiny jewelry, twinkling candles and anything gold.

Bring some gilded glory to your Thanksgiving table with a can of gold spray paint. At less than $10 a can, looking lush only appears to cost a pretty penny.

And, when Christmas and New Year’s Eve roll around, you can reuse most of your gilded treasures.

Gold-dipped wine glasses

Wine glasses appear to drip with decadence after a well-placed spray of gold paint.


Gold spray paint

Masking tape


Wine glasses


1. Wash wine glasses thoroughly. Wrap tape around the base of the wine glass leaving the area exposed you want to paint gold. Cover the rest of the glass with paper.

2. Spray exposed stem and base. Stand about one foot away from the glass to get an even coat.

3. Repeat with the other glasses, and let the paint dry thoroughly.

4. Carefully remove the newspaper and tape to reveal the finished glass. The same method can be used for gold-dipped votives.

Source: www.momtastic.com and www.thelovelycupboard.com

Gold chevron tray

Chevron is timeless, and it looks stately done in gold and white.


White paint

Gold spray paint

Masking tape

A tray


1. Paint the tray white. It could take a few coats of paint to make it opaque. Let it dry thoroughly.

2. Using masking tape or painters tape, tape off the areas that will remain white. Do a zigzag pattern for a chevron look.

3. Spray the entire tray with gold paint. Let it dry thoroughly.

4. Carefully tear off the paint. You’ll be left with a white-gold chevron-print serving tray.

Source: www.nataliecreations.tumblr.com

Gold animal place card holders/table décor

For a whimsical touch, scatter gilded plastic animals (sold by the bagful at dollar stores) around the table.

One blogger made place card holders out of them by drilling a tiny hole and inserting wire. A tent card propped up next to or in front of the animal has a similar effect.

Simply spray plastic animals with gold paint and let dry.

Source: www.hankandhunt.com

Golden pumpkins

Glistening pumpkins (or gourds) are so easy, you’ll want to paint everything gold. Group pumpkins together for a centerpiece or mantle decoration.


Pumpkins of various sizes and shapes

Gold spray paint



1. Clean the pumpkin to remove debris.

2. Set the pumpkin on newspaper, and spray with gold paint.

3. Let it dry completely, about one hour. Flip the pumpkin on its side to coat the bottom. Let dry.

Source: dough-puncher.blogspot.com

Branch centerpiece

After spray painting a bundle of branches gold, gather them in a vase for a simple centerpiece.

“Leaves” of thankfulness can be passed around to each dinner guest, and once each guest writes in what they are thankful for, the leaves are added to the tree.

Source: www.meekandchic.com