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Charly Stansbery, Enderlin, N.D., Published November 03 2012

Letter: Measure 5 will not help animals

As a relatively new veterinarian, I’m appalled at the ignorance, stupidity and cruelty of people who own animals and don’t care for them. I am haunted by the stories, some of my patients, and some of the animals that I see on my daily drives throughout my area. But these animals that are in danger are not being bashed in the head or shot or stabbed; they are starved, or left with no shelter from our harsh environment. They are neglected and given no medical care when they are suffering.

I want to fight hard for these animals, but the current laws are simply useless, and it’s hopeless to use the court system, as the punishment is meaningless. No one will bring these people to justice for a misdemeanor.

Measure 5 will prevent those who care, and those who are on the forefront of fighting these battles, from passing legitimate legislation that will help these poor animals. Don’t you get it, folks? You’d be in favor of a constitutional amendment that will block all further legislation regarding animal cruelty and starvation for all animals in all situations. All the leaders in the animal world have agreed on proper legislation to defend all animals. They finally agreed.

If you want to help, call your legislators, email them, stand for what you believe in, and help us push the legislation through that will help get these poor defenseless animals some help. Help me help them. Vote “no” on Measure 5.