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Ron Huff, Bismarck, Published November 03 2012

Letter: Rick Berg again trots out the boogeyman at debate

I saw the final debate between Heidi Heitkamp and Rick Berg. Once again Berg trotted out the Republican boogeyman known as Obamacare.

Berg and his party want to repeal this, but they have nothing to replace it with. Without it, hundreds of thousands of American families will be forced into bankruptcy when they suffer a health care-related event.

Also, Berg and his campaign continue to bring up the biggest lie about Obamacare: that it cuts $716 billion from Medicare. It does not, and this has been proved time and time again. However, Berg himself voted for a $714 billion cut to Medicare to finance a tax cut for the richest among us.

And, contrary to Berg’s claims, our deficit won’t get better, it will get worse. This health care bill will save the government

$1 trillion over the next 20 years. Take the bill away and we can tack on another trillion to our debt.

Republicans used to agree that we have a health care crisis in this country. That’s why they wrote this bill almost 20 years ago. They know it is what this country needs. But they demonize it because it is not what their political party needs.

Don’t let Berg fool you with his scare tactics. Elect Heitkamp so we can fix the parts of the bill that need fixing, and prevent neighbors and friends from losing everything they have.