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Stephan Melsted, Fargo, Published November 03 2012

Letter: Berg cites a really ridiculous source

Just when I thought political ad claims couldn’t get more ridiculous, come these gems from Rick Berg. Claim: Heidi Heitkamp’s ads “proven to be lies.” Source: the “Jay Thomas radio show – WDAY.” An AM talk-radio show cited as a credible source?

But wait, it gets better. Claim: Heidi “supported the Wall Street bailout” because she backed Barack Obama. Source: the super PAC collection of millionaire and billionaire ad buyers who benefited most from the bailout. A program started by George W. Bush and continued by Barack Obama to keep us out of another “Great Depression” after Wall Street nearly blew up the world was a bad thing? Granted, super PAC claims supporting Heitkamp don’t pass the smell-test either.

I’d make a simple ad like this:

Claim: Rick Berg does not “represent” the wishes of his constituents in Congress. Source: Even before he got his party’s House endorsement, Berg signed Grover Norquist’s tax pledge. When North Dakotans were saying they wanted compromise and cooperation during the budget and deficit battles over the past two years, Berg voted the way Norquist wanted.

Just think how senators from North Dakota have distinguished themselves and our state in the past: Byron Dorgan warning about the then impending Wall Street implosion and Kent Conrad arguing the dangers of deficit spending before Republicans found it popular to do so. At that time, Republicans even claimed deficits were a “good thing.” Now imagine a “senator,” Rick Berg, only voting the party line.

For me, his voting history eliminates Berg as a viable choice.