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Michael Connor, Published November 03 2012

Letter: Call Emineth to pick up signs still there on Thanksgiving Day

Thanks, Gary! For nothing.

After being bombarded for the past months by both political party candidates’ ads (their most famous quotes, “No, I had nothing to do with that nasty, dirty ad”) that were paid for by some national political organization/corporation (“Committee to Deafen You Permanently” and “Committee to Drive You Stark Raving Mad”), we now learn that through the efforts of an individual who is hooked on a habit even worse than smoking (yes, politics) using another national organization (“Center for Competitive Politics” – believe that name and I have a bridge to sell you in the Devils Lake Basin), a federal judge has sentenced all of us to continue to be bombarded with political ads, leaflets and yard signs even on Election Day.

Yes, thanks, Gary Emineth! (Who sued to get the electioneering ban overturned.)

Two things that North Dakota residents should be concerned about:

If Franklin Delano Roosevelt was alive today, he would probably add one more “freedom” to his list: the “Freedom from Listening!”

Personally, I am hoping someone will find a federal judge who will forbid any political party/candidate/wannabe from contacting me after I have voted by mail (like in September?).

Connor lives in rural Starkweather, N.D.