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Ross Nelson, Casselton, N.D., Published October 30 2012

Letter: No foundation for No. 4 backers

On what foundation do Measure 4 backers, who wish to outlaw smoking in bars and restaurants, base their bias? Here are premises that are yet to be refuted: Tobacco use is legal, it’s done on private property and everyone involved is there voluntarily. There’s a perfect trifecta for rejecting the measure.

Even employees in smoking establishments are there voluntarily, either because they prefer the pay or the work, or both. Some make the attempt to compare smoking in bars to living next to a power plant, thus permitting government interference. The analogy doesn’t work because living near a power plant is involuntary. Entering a bar with smokers is, on the other hand, voluntary.

Meddling on the basis of distaste alone is not only wrong, but could be applied to many other behaviors, such as obesity and alcohol use.