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Lissa Bonsall, West Fargo, Published October 30 2012

Letter: Berg’s response very uncaring

When the vote for the Affordable Care Act was approaching, various groups sent emails or placed commercials urging citizens to let Congress know their position. I sent an email to Rick Berg clearly stating how I was denied insurance coverage in my early 20s for six months and my Type 1 diabetes doctor appointments and monthly insulin prescriptions almost bankrupted me. I told him young adults who have any pre-existing conditions may financially depend on this bill passing. He responded with a letter thanking me for my email and that he would do everything he could to beat this bill.

If Berg (or his staff) cannot take the time to read a three-paragraph email, I cannot take the time to vote for him. Berg has proved to me that he does not care.

I will vote for Heidi Heitkamp and hope she will listen and at least give me an appropriate response when we disagree.