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John Sherman, Moorhead, Published October 30 2012

Letter: Forum should ask more questions

The Forum’s story on the support or lack of support for “Obamacare” (Oct. 28) is interesting, but the poll would be more interesting, albeit hugely more expensive, if it had asked a few more questions.

For example, those opposed could be asked why. Typically, pollsters doing so discover a substantial bloc reject Obamacare not for doing too much but for doing too little.

Or they might have discovered that what people think they know about Obamacare is not actually true but the result of listening to the lies broadcast by Republicans as pointed out in Mike Nowatzki’s accompanying story.

Pollsters might ask about Obamacare feature by feature, in which case they would probably have discovered wide support for every feature except the individual mandate, which is necessary to pay for the others.