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Ole Aarsvold, Blanchard, N.D., Published October 29 2012

Letter: Cramer’s conduct raises questions

It is hard to believe that Kevin Cramer, an elected regulator of public utilities would see fit to solicit campaign funds from the very interests that he regulates as a Public Service commissioner.

Cramer has already been accused of violating North Dakota’s bribery laws but he still has actively pursued campaign funds from companies that the PSC regulates. To add insult to injury, his behavior is being defended by North Dakota taxpayers to the tune of $400 per hour. Should the court determine that Cramer broke the law, it is likely that federal agencies will take over the regulation of North Dakota’s coal industry, an outcome no North Dakotan would want.

Cramer continues to violate the public trust and should not be representing North Dakota in the United States Congress.

Is his behavior legal? That is for the legal system to determine. Is his behavior ethical? That is for North Dakota voters to decide, and most would say no. Thankfully, we have an alternative.

Pam Gulleson has served North Dakota honorably and capably in the past and will most assuredly do so in the future in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Aarsvold is a former state legislator.