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Tom Chapman, Fargo, Published October 29 2012

Letter: Heitkamp, not Berg, will protect values important to North Dakota

A flashy expensive TV ad full of distortions, half-truths and outright lies – obviously designed, written and paid for by out-of-state special interests, PACs, corporations and one percenters, whose agenda is to take care of themselves at the expense of the people of North Dakota. What follows these ads? “I am Rick Berg, and I approve this message.”

You know this is about all we know about Berg. We know that he hid in the North Dakota Legislature for over 20 years looking out for his personal interests and those of the select few – one percenters.

Did he take advantage of the benefits provided for the legislators while working silently to protect and promote his personal interests?

I have lived in his district since 1978. He never ran as an individual, always as a party of three candidates hanging on to each other’s coattails to get elected. When John Hoeven was gifted with his senatorial seat, who was hanging on to his coattails? Berg, of course. He would never have been elected to the House if it wasn’t for Hoeven’s popularity.

Getting back to Berg’s campaign: Whose coattail can he now hang on? It has to be the one percenters (some locally), corporate PACs, the super-greedy and the unfortunate old-time party members who don’t realize that their Republican beliefs are no longer part of the agenda.

If you want to protect your future and the ideals of the middle class, go to the polls and vote for a real North Dakota product – a small-town lady from a large family who has already proven that she will do what is right for all of us.

Thank you, Heidi Heitkamp, for running to protect all of North Dakota citizens.