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Bob Lind, Published October 28 2012

Lind: Another election debate: Who are better drivers, Republicans or Democrats?

Who are better drivers, Republicans or Democrats?

Neighbors filed a highly unscientific report on this prior to the presidential election four years ago. Now, here’s what it observed about drivers this year.

Neighbors looked for vehicles bearing political stickers or signs, and then watched to see how the drivers handled three basic safe driving procedures: using signals when switching lanes or turning, obeying traffic lights and signs, and staying within the posted speed limit.

Not as many political stickers were spotted as were seen four years ago. But here’s what was observed, listed in the order they were seen, and calling the signs on the vehicles “stickers” for brevity’s sake, although they might have been other forms of political identification.

Where seen: Fargo. Vehicle’s license plates: North Dakota. Sticker: Rick Berg, Republican candidate for Senate. Driving habit: Considerably over the speed limit.

Where: Fargo. Plates: North Dakota. Sticker: Romney. Driving habits: Excellent; did everything correctly.

Where: Fargo. Plates: North Dakota. Sticker: Berg. Driving habits: Excellent; speed well within the limit, used turn signals when changing lanes, observed traffic lights and signs.

Where: Fargo. Plates: Minnesota. Sticker: Obama. Driving habits: excellent; used turn signals, speed was within limit.

Where: Fargo. Plates: North Dakota. Sticker: Mitt and Berg. Driving habits: Mixed bag; approaching two stop signs, stopped for first one, just rolled through second one.

Where: Moorhead. Plates: Minnesota. Sticker: Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democratic senator. Driving habits: Excellent; stayed within speed limits, used turn signals.

Where: Fargo. Plates: North Dakota. Sticker: Ron Paul, unsuccessful Republican candidate for president. Driving habits: Awful; drove well over speed limit, and when doing a right turn on a red light, ripped through it, not stopping and in fact barely slowing down.

Where: Fargo. Plates: North Dakota. Sticker: Ron Paul. Driving habits: Excellent; stayed in speed limit, observed traffic signals, used turn signals.

So there’s the report. And how should it affect how you vote? Obviously, not a bit.

And happily, when you’re casting your ballot in this free country, you don’t have to signal whether you’re voting right or left.

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