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Todd Skunberg, Fargo, Published October 27 2012

Letter: Know the truth about Measure 5

In politics, there are always some people who try to confuse the truth and tear down good ideas. The people who claim Measure 5 has anything to do with hunting, farming or ranching are just not being truthful.

Measure 5 only includes dogs, cats and horses, so it does not have any effect on hunting, farming or other North Dakota traditions. It also includes specific exemptions for hunting, trapping, fishing, agriculture, animal research, and protecting personal property or safety. These exemptions, including the exemption for agricultural practices, have been in the state cruelty code for years.

The measure only affects “any individual who maliciously and intentionally burns, poisons, crushes, suffocates, impales, drowns, blinds, skins, beats to death, drags to death, exsanguinates, disembowels, or dismembers any living dog, cat, or horse” – not hunters, farmers, or anyone else.

Don’t believe the ridiculous lies about Measure 5. It’s simple, and voting “yes” is the right thing to do for animals.