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Dennis Edwards, Fargo, Published October 27 2012

Letter: Sign violations reveal arrogance

On Sunday, Oct. 7, David Chapman excused local Republicans for ignoring Fargo sign codes by saying it is impossible to avoid a violation of some sort these days. He then encouraged support for people who disrespect local laws.

I was surprised to learn Chapman is an attorney who boasts a specialty in “legal ethics.” Imagine, an officer of the court, specializing in legal ethics, who makes excuses for law violations and encourages others to support unethical behavior.

After the city fully informed District 46 Republicans of the sign ordinance (law) and the ways they violated it, several new signs breaking the sign code appeared in District 46. So I have a question for Chapman. Is willful violation of the law by District 46 Republicans Jim Roers, Jim Kasper and Kathy Hawken the kind of legal ethics you encourage?

Unfortunately, this is a pattern of behavior we’ve seen from our Republican Legislature. They opposed the establishment of ethics rules for themselves, played politics with higher education by forcing an 8 percent tuition increase on North Dakota State University students and caused unnecessary grief for the University of North Dakota’s athletic program. Now they want to write laws in Bismarck when they don’t respect the ones in their hometown.

The sign code violations in districts 44 and 46 are simply an example of a deeper problem of arrogance by the Republican Legislature. The only way to fix this problem is to send someone different to Bismarck.