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Marc Halvorson, West Fargo, Published October 26 2012

Letter: Belter clueless about real world

In response to Rep. Wes Belter’s letter in The Forum dated Oct. 5:

Belter implies that not voting for Rick Berg and Kevin Cramer would “threaten North Dakota family values.” After reading the letter, it appears that Belter and the GOP have the market cornered on “North Dakota family values.” With all due respect, Belter should take off his GOP rose-colored glasses and read the newspaper. There have been numerous articles regarding Public Service Commissioners Kevin Cramer and Brian Kalk and the pending lawsuit by the Sierra Club and the Dakota Resource Council.

North Dakota Bribery Law 12.1-12-01 states “a person is guilty of bribery, a Class C felony, if he knowingly offers, gives or agrees to give another, or solicits, accepts or agrees to accept from another, a thing of value as consideration for: a. The recipient’s official action as a public servant ...”

For the record, both Cramer and Kalk are public servants currently serving on the Public Service Commission.

In Belter’s article, he also makes reference to the phrase “just go and follow the money.” I couldn’t agree with you more. Cramer and Kalk together have collected at least $57,000 in PSC campaign funds from political action committees and executives of companies that had cases before the board.

The article goes on to say, “this election is about making Medicare, Social Security and health care affordable and financially solvent.” Again, I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately Belter fails to mention Paul Ryan’s budget, which favors the wealthy on the backs of the middle class in many ways: It would change our current health care to a voucher system, privatize Social Security, privatize Amtrak and eliminate farm subsidy programs, just to mention a few. If that’s what you want, then leave your GOP rose-colored glasses on.

I am voting for Heidi Heitkamp and Pam Gulleson.