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Shirley Bohnsack, Mayville, N.D., Published October 25 2012

Letter: Election is clear choice

We hear it all the time: This election is a clear choice between two very different ideas for this state and for America. I agree, and that is precisely why I am voting Democratic this November. I am voting for my family’s best interests and the best interests of the vast majority of Americans.

I’m voting to preserve Medicare, which provides my mother and my husband affordable, quality health care. I’m voting to preserve Medicaid, which allowed my father to receive excellent care in a nursing home when his chronic illness made it impossible for him to be cared for at home and extended his life beyond what the doctors predicted. I’m voting to preserve “Obamacare,” which will allow my adult daughter with a pre-existing condition to receive affordable health insurance should she ever lose her group insurance and eliminates the lifetime caps should her medical treatments reach those limits. I’m voting to preserve Social Security, which provides a safety net for our middle income family. All of these have been threatened with elimination through privatization by the Republican candidates just to appease their Wall Street and big insurance buddies and benefactors.

I’m voting for reasonable regulations that keep air, water, soil, food and medications safe for my children and grandchildren. I’m voting for reasonable regulations that keep our workplaces safe and prevent big oil from running roughshod over our pristine lands just to pad their own pockets. I’m voting for reasonable regulations that will rein in Wall Street, prevent another near market collapse, and keep my pension safe.

I’m voting for candidates who understand the proven fact that our economy grows best from the middle out, not the top down. I’m voting for candidates who believe in ethics reform to reverse the poor rating of our state. I’m voting for candidates who have compassion for all people, not just those whose money can purchase the next election. As an informed voter, I know Republican policies have not worked and have been detrimental to our country. I’ll be voting for the candidates whose policies work for all of us, not just the select few.