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Gary Anderson, Sheldon, N.D., Published October 25 2012

Letter: Animal rights radicals push 5

I feel compelled to write to let readers know the truth about Measure 5. Measure 5 proponents claim that it is an animal-welfare issue. It isn’t; it’s an animal-rights issue being pushed by a Washington, D.C.-based special interest group called the Humane Society of the United States.

HSUS doesn’t really care about updating our laws – they just want to bring horses into the same definition of “companion animals” that household pets like dogs and cats are. HSUS doesn’t think ranchers like me should be able to use horses in our pastures, and Measure 5 is just their first shot. If Measure 5 passes, HSUS will come back and work hard to expand it. If HSUS wanted to help protect animals, they certainly wouldn’t have pinpointed only three species and listed only unusual mistreatment acts that aren’t commonly seen in North Dakota.

To give you some background, HSUS is not affiliated with our local pet shelters. They trade on the good name of local humane societies to raise millions of dollars that they waste on political campaigns like Measure 5. In fact, HSUS gives less than 1 percent of their budget real pet shelters.

Don’t let the animal-rights groups get a toehold in our state. Vote “no” on Measure 5.