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Rev. Douglas VanderMeulen , Published October 23 2012

Letter: Just who and what are real aggressors in ‘war on women’?

It is said that there is a “war on women.” We are told the warmongers are the misogynistic, right-wing, moral conservatives who would require women to pay for their own contraceptives and restrict their right to abort their babies. Is this true? Or, could the misanthropes in this war be those who willingly, or ignorantly, withhold from women information regarding the impact that having an abortion may have upon them personally, physically, psychologically and emotionally?

For example, the U.S. National Cancer Institute (not exactly a right-wing religious group) documents that there is a 50 percent greater risk of getting breast cancer by age 45 for women who have had an abortion. The risk is even greater for those who had an abortion before they were 18. Statistically, women who have had an abortion are more than twice as likely to abuse drugs than the general population of women.

The suicide rate for women after an abortion is three times greater than the general suicide rate and six times greater than for women who carry their children full term. A 1996 study found the suicide rate for women following a live birth is 5.9 per 100,000; following miscarriage 18.1; following abortion 34.7. According to a Swiss study, 31 percent of women who have had an abortion reported at least one sexual dysfunction as a result. The list of post-abortion issues for women also includes difficulty sleeping, panic disorders and eating disorders. So, who is the real aggressor in the war against women?

A 2004 study showed that more than 50 percent of American women who had an abortion felt it was wrong to do so. Getting an abortion may violate a women’s conscience. There is nothing more vital for mental and emotional health than a clear conscience. Psychology studies demonstrate that unforgiven guilt is a leading contributor to many mental and emotional health problems.

Isn’t the real war on women being waged by those who would encourage sex outside of marriage, while suppressing the information about the lifelong damage abortion inflicts upon women? A mother killing her baby is one of the most unnatural actions imaginable. Are not the real aggressors in the war on women those who aid and abet mothers killing their children by abortion? Or maybe the greatest misogynist is abortion itself?

VanderMeulen is pastor, Community Baptist Church, Fargo.