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Alan Davis, Moorhead, Published October 20 2012

Letter: Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney want your tax money for the rich

One reason that most middle-class conservative Americans would lower their flags to half-staff if Romney/Ryan won the presidency is, it would be the death of democracy as we know it.

While both have pretended in the debates to be confused about their own plans, we know that their dearest hope is to tax 99 percent of us more (up to $2,500 more) so that 1 percent of us can pay less ($250,000 less). They’ll pay for this tax giveaway to multimillionaires by depriving us of home mortgage deductions and education deductions, for starters, and they’ll take away health care from at least 45 million elderly, disabled, poor, unemployed and middle-class Americans. It’s Robin Hood in reverse.

As for health care, Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, points out that “The Romney-Ryan position on health care is that many millions of Americans must be denied health insurance, and millions more deprived of the security Medicare now provides, in order to save money. At the same time, of course, Romney and Ryan are proposing trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy.

“So a literal description of their plan is that they want to expose many Americans to financial insecurity, and let some of them die, so that a handful of already-wealthy people can have a higher after-tax income.”

Add to these facts the fact that Romney, in his career, has made it a priority to fire Americans, deprive them of benefits and ship their jobs overseas. When he was governor of Massachusetts, that state fell to third to last (in the entire country!) in job growth.

For those true conservatives among us who believe in the American dream, this is unacceptable behavior even from a fringe candidate, much less from the GOP candidate for president. If you’re a multimillionaire without a social conscience, vote for Romney/Ryan, since such a vote is in your self-interest. If, like me, you’re a middle-class true conservative, vote for democracy and fair play: That means a vote for President Barack Obama.

Don’t be misled by the billionaires who are flooding the airwaves with attack ads that lie to you. Obama, whatever his faults, has our backs. Romney won’t do anything for Americans, but he’ll do a lot to us if he gets the chance: send our jobs overseas, take money from our pockets to finance his tax scheme that doesn’t add up (according to his own advisers), and compromise our health care.