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Ryan Schmoll, Fargo, Published October 18 2012

Letter: Union deserves to be locked out

I want to make sure I fully understand what’s happening with the “locked out” Crystal Sugar employees. I question this label. An employee is not locked out if they refuse an offer of employment by an employer.

Here, in reality, if an employer offers me a 17 percent pay increase to my already-inflated salary, I would accept. However, if I decided to decline the offer because I might have to actually contribute to my own benefits package, that would be a refusal of the offer. The employer is free to make another offer to another willing applicant.

The Crystal Sugar employees were offered work. The employees refused the work. The employer then found willing applicants. The now ex-employees, having had their bluff called, now want their old jobs back. Since the employer is not willing to give them their jobs back, the ex-employees are now protesting outside grocery stores.

If my statements are correct, then I would like to state the joy that their unemployment brings me. I am thankful for my job and thankful that my employer fairly compensates me so that I can live a comfortable life. Even though I pay some out-of-pocket for my benefits, I am thankful that my employer contributes anything at all. I would not jeopardize my relationship with my employer by childishly asking for more, more and more. But then again, I am not in a union, so I have some sense of reality.

Furthermore, I would like to applaud Crystal Sugar for standing its ground against the union thugs and their overprivileged workers. I am happy to hear that the new employees are performing well. I’ll be buying Crystal Sugar exclusively from now on. For me, the protests have done exactly the opposite of what the divas wanted them to do.